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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> blankets of ice could be seen on the hills along 280 if san mateo county this morning. our headed over to the east bay you could almost get out are your ice skates. look at all the frozen sidewalk in the residential neighborhood. >> and a big chill in san francisco the swimmers took a dip in the frigid water off the bay. >> not for us. >> good morning, everyone. san jose tied a 41-year-old record low prompting the
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airports to take special measures. some of the coldest temperatures are in santa cruz county and scotts valley where our reporter joins us. matt? >> scotts rally is the cold of the places around right now at free frozen at 43. people in scotts valley woke up to a frozen landscape with lawns and bushes and roof iced over having dipped to 17. >> i am from colorado. it did not face me. but frost on the car unusual. >> it is freezing. >> coffee was more popular than usual this morning as people tried to stay warm in the santa cruz mountains. >> every person has said it is freezing! >> at san jose international airport planes had to be de-iced before taking off. you can see the airlines spraying a solution on to the wings with no delays reported.
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passengers respoke with were glad it was taken care of. >> they are on it and doing it properly and recognizing as an issue, it is consoling. >> for some departing san jose airport the only ice they think of are the cubes when they arrive in sunny what harassment. >> poor guys. freezing your butt off and we are drinking e-mail tai. >> it is not uncommon to be deice the at san jose airport was last in the winter of 2012. >> not too long ago, so, where were the other colder spots in the bay area? lisa is here for mike. lisa? >> the big winner was napa at 17 degrees this morning. the old record was 26.
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san rafael broke a record at 30. san francisco and oakland, livermore, not quite. it was 29. matt talked about san jose gilroy was down into the low 20's. certainly a frosty frosty morning. we will do it one more night. temperatures will be in the 20's if some spots but i don't think we will see the teens again so as a result the national weather service has extended the freeze warning until 9:00 tomorrow morning with freezing temperatures except for san francisco and to add more into this scenario we are talking about a cold snowy mix headed our way tomorrow with details on that in a few minutes. >> this morning, a lot of folks had trouble getting out of bed. in walnut creek the temperatures were in the 20's. some commuters say just getting to bart was tough. >> i live four blocks away and it was a miserable walk here especially lately.
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we need some rain. i want it to know. precipitation would be nice. other than that, all good. one person said she was bundled up with four layers of clothes and still was freezing. >> the cold snap is making it look like christmas in the bay area with ice hanging from the shrubs. a viewer sent this picture this morning. john, in gilroy, sent this picture of the hood encrusted with ice. even in the dark you can clearly see the ice. we want did see how the cold is affecting you with your photos and videos at you can treat them to abc7 news bay area. we have developing news affecting the commute, a major interstate is closed in stockton after a police officer killed
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and shot a man wanted in san jose. katie marzullo, what is the latest? >> c.h.p. says the highway will be closed for another hour with investigators on the freeway. the suspect is not identified only that he is "free." >> southbound interstate 5, empty of traffic and full of investigators. back up to 1:00 o'clock a.m., when c.h.p. officers were pursuing a suspect in stockton. the man was wanted for an attempted homicide in san jose. at some point, his car broke down on interstate 5 and c.h.p. called stockton police for backup. the suspect got out of the car. >> the suspect was yielding a knife and was not complying with orders so a stockton police officer fired the weapon, striking the weapon at least when time. >> the suspect died at the hospital and investigators say he was also wanted on suspicion of domestic violence. >> protocol for multiple answers
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to investigate when a police officer shoots someone and they take their time. the unseen portion of this investigation is now entering the 10th hour. >> fire investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of an part building fire in the east bay that sent 50 people running for their lives into the cold. amy hollyfield is at the scene. amy? >> imagine escaping a fire to find yourself out here on the street barefoot in the freezing weather. >> people ran out of the burning apartment building if their pajamas at 4:39 in the morning to grab their families and nothing else. when they were outside they realized how low the temperature dipped. >> we ran outside and it was cold. i was seeing kids without shoes or anything. >> it took half an hour but officials got ahold of the school district and unlocked the
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high school. all this while also trying to put out the fire and get 75 people out safely. >> we have a lot people trying to exit the building and the first fighters were trying to get in to determine what it is we actually have. >> the evacuation was delayed because it took people a bile to wake up and realize the building was on fire. >> the fire is next to us. our neighbor's house. we her their fire detectors but they would the they were cooking because everyone cooks in the only for the kids. >> when she smelled smoke and looked outside and saw the smoke she realized it was time to get out. she and others, woke up neighbors on their way out. >> i didn't hear the alarms going on so no one was aware of anything physical my brother knocked on the window. >> the fire started in the wall of a bathroom and are looking into whether plumbing work is to blame the aside from minor injuries everyone is oh came. >> we had one person that suffered chest pain and another
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person that suffered smoke inhalation. they were both treated on the scene and releaseed. >> the building inspector looks around this morning and decided it was safe for everyone to return home but for one family that lived in the unit where the fire started. >> thank you. police say this early morning fire in benicia has turned fatal. the place broke out around 2:00 this morning at a home when firefighters pulled out a couple and sent them to st. francis hospital in san francisco where one of them died the authorities are awaiting to notify family before they identify the victim. officials say a newspaper delivery person smelled smoke and called the fire department. you could see the couple's dog safely rescue asked taken to a vet. the cause is under investigation. >> san francisco police are hoping a bumper left at the scene of a hit-and-run accident will lead to the driver on
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clinton park. the man is being treated at san francisco general hospital with head enskies. >> police in hayward investigating after a driver lit a child in a crosswalk. the accident happened at 8:00 this morning at the off-ramp from highway nato. these are pictures of the scene. the child had only minor injuries and the cause is not known. >> happening now, the weather is cooperating in idaho for crews to resume their search for missing bay area family. silicon valley executive dale smith's small plane disappeared in rigged terrain. he was taking four family members from or organize to montana. searchers picked up a weak emergency beacon but that has disappeared the sheriff said they using a grid pattern seven and every available resource to find the missing plane. happening now the bart board is meeting to talk about a number of key issues including a report card for bart miss.
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this is in the wake of the shooting near five years ago of oscar grant. bart announced an independent audit shows the department has made significant and substantial progress since 2009. also on the agenda how much you will pay to ride bart in the future. they considering raising the minimum fare to $2 on top of the increase already scheduled for january. the board will be briefed on year's train breakdown that sent nine passengers to the hospital for budgeting problems. a short circuit make the brakes lockup as the train head through the berkeley hills tunnel. riders sound off this morning. >> you need to fix your situation, bart. i work in oakland and i come from antioch and it is inconvenient so it will help if you can step it up a little bit. >> dear bart: thank you for working today. the other days you are not are
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working or stressful. >> we would like to hear your thoughts. post your video using "dear bart," hashtag or go to facebook page. >> victoria secret employee comes clean about how the stores treat their male customers. >> and protests across the country the. >> the google barge could be in troubled water as they hit
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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if you go to a fast food restaurant you will find this, more employees outside than inside working. it is part of a one day nationwide protest over wages. employees in 100 cities are planning lunch time rallies. they want the federal minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. that would result according to the national restaurant association, in higher food prices and fewer jobs. amy robach is back on the job after a double mastectomy to treat breast cancer and is feeling rackbly well but faces month of therapy after learn the cancer had spread. the 40-year-old learned she has breast cancer in october after undergoing a mammogram on "good morning america" and opens up about the battle in the new
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issue of "people" magazine. >> it felt like the right choice to have the double mastectomy but they also saw problems in my left breast as well, that look like it was going to be a problem later on. >> she says she will begin chemo in two week but says more people have it harder than she does. she plans to take her battle with breast cancer hour by hour. >> through this morning the agency that oversees development in the san francisco bay has launched a for malinvestigation into the secret barring of google looking into which permits are necessary to build the barge and whether the owners of the treasure islands is the proper permit. officials notify the san francisco bay commission that they were making "changes" to the design. it was reported that the badge is the first of they float
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retail stores used to launch google glass computer eyewear. >> never been so happy to see the sun this morning. >> but it is not warming up up at 39 in san rafael and 48 in hayward. tahoe could see up to 10" and seven degrees for a let tonight. we will talking about that and when we will warm up and maybe see a few snowflakes around here before that happens. the forecast is ahead. >> cutting through the ice, windshield wipers are not enough the. >> a victoria secret emily i
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covering santa rosa, berkeley and san jose, this is abc7 news of. >> something you don't hear often in the bay area the sound of ice being scraped by windshield wipers this morning. many of us woke up to icy conditions. this video was submitted to us by a viewer and what he was dealing with in san mateo. send us your video and photos to >> some swimmers thought it was a good day for a dip in the bay. the dolphin club swims
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regularly. >> i noticed people watching people swim were shivering more than us in the water. crazy be right? it was only 41 outside but the bay water was 52 degrees. >> usually you want to get out of the water because it is cold but not today. >> how about a wet suit. >> always beautiful out there and the sky is blue but it will be clouding up and we will be looking at mixed precipitation around here so, no, not in tahoe but here in the bay area, here is live doppler 7 hd, nothing to be found here and a gorgeous shot from the camera where temperatures in the city still are in the mid-40's from san francisco, oakland, redwood city, san jose, the low this morning is 29, right now, and a balmy 44, right, at half moon bay is 50, and elsewhere around the bay, gorgeous in the north bay and you are still in the upper 30's in san rafael, and 43 in santa rose and napa from the
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19, 45 right now with numbers in the mid-40's and maybe warming up another four to five degrees and that is it, setting before 5:00 and cooling off quickly. we were from a degree to four degrees colder than yesterday with the colder numbers this morning, a little slower to recover, and with the cool afternoon highs, we will be looking at another night tonight with the freeze warning except in san francisco. sunny and chilly with the freezing temperatures again, and maybe two or three degrees up from this morning's readings and then a winter mix comes our way on friday night into saturday morning with snow levels down as low as a thousand feet so when you wake up tomorrow if santa rosa rather than the mid-20's how about 28, with cloud cover and precipitation on saturday morning, and 34 and not until the middle of next week you see the temperatures chime a little bit more. we will take you through hour by
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hour going tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon, and we have the clouds around and the rain, from sonoma county, going through the afternoon commute and it looks wet north of the golden gate bridge and you can see the snow level here or the snow, the pink is ice, lake county, and by midnight it is pushing through the second part of the bay area so hamilton, mount diabolo, you could pick up moisture and even down around big sur and the sierra nevada picking up most of the snow but the tahoe basin, we will see a go amount. below freezing at 31 and .5' in yosemite, as well, above 4,000 feet and as you get above 7,000' well over afoot of snow. today, temperatures are only in the upper 40's. 48 in morgan hill. the seven-day forecast, then, little change temperature-wise with the winter mix on friday into saturday morning.
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the weekend is sunny and cold. look at monday, tuesday, wednesday: become do dry and maybe near normal by the middle of next week. >> okays keep the coat near. >> victoria secret could have a "secret" of its own. an employees says workers are trained to treat male customers deftly than female customers. employees try to sell men full-prized merchandise and tell women about sales and promotions. they thought men would by the higher priced lingerie to get out as quickly as possible. >> i say that is true because we never buy full price, right? we look for the bargains. >> always have to be a sale. >> who says we cats don't have nine live service he is getting a long overdue reyoung with his owner. at
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